Thursday, July 7, 2011

Haven't Written A Poem In A While...

But here's one from the novel I'm working on.           
Before time- I am.
Before silence and the thought of sound- I am.
First there was the word, but before that there was love.
God fell in love with creation- and so he made us.
He created spring and trees
And crumpling leaves and a place to lay your head and love
the earth, and to love someone else, because love is not something
you keep for yourself.
The blossoms will walk in my shadow
And still tomorrow
Her face will look more and more like mine
And she will have my eyes and my hair
He will look at her and see me
And that is enough to let me
Rest my soul down and bear this burden no longer.
After everything dies
And everyone leaves this land
And everyone will try to remember
But will inevitably forget
And everything becomes backwards
Still, these two full moon eyes of mine- this love
Like how I imagine God felt when he birthed us into being-
Still after all this- I am.

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